How Can I Find My Books?



To Print Your Booklist / Order Your Books Online

1. Go to
2. Select Main- Vanier College Bookstore
3. Select Current Semester (e.g., A20 - Fall 2020)
4. Select your Course(s) from the drop-down list


If your course number is 201-NYA-VA and your section number is 00004, click on 201NYA0004. Disregard the "VA" part. Your course numbers can be found on your schedule!

Once you have selected all your courses press on "GO"

Press the Buy Button for each book you want to buy. We usually deliver within 2 to 5 business days (e-books take less time to process).

This will make sure we provide you with the right books. Don't forget we have a FINAL SALE policy!


Ready, set, go!